North Country Region

In Person Officiating Clinic



Welcome to the In-Person Officiating Clinic registration! Please read entirely before filling out the form.

Only North Country Region Club Directors who are current 2020 members can request an In-Person Clinic.  These clinics will cover all basic aspects of officiating including First Referee (R1), Second Referee (R2), Scorer, Libero Tracking, and Line Judge training and will last approximately two hours. This training will be valid for only one season.  All attendees must be current North Country Region members and must check-in with the instructor in order to get credit for the clinic. If scoresheets or any other items are to be used during parts of the clinic, the club is responsible for providing those materials to all that attend.

The requested clinic date(s) as part of the registration have to be received by the region at least two weeks ahead of the actual clinic date in order to be considered for approval.  Keep in mind that if the region approves a clinic within 30 miles of your location for another club to host, your clinic request will be denied and the club director will receive an email to consider sending members to the clinic close to the club's location.

These clinics are required to be open to other current 2020 USA Volleyball/North Country Region clubs. When filling out the information, please have the best guess as to the number of attendees you are expecting from your club, and the region will reach out to you if other club members will be joining the day of the clinic. When looking for the space for the clinic, please keep in mind your estimated amount of members and always have room for at least 25 outside of your club North Country Region members that may be able to join.

First clinic is free for all USA Volleyball/North Country Region clubs; however, the entire club has to be current with a 2020 USA Volleyball/North Country Region  membership in order to take advantage of this member benefit. If you plan on hosting more than one clinic, there will be an extra charge of $200 per clinic after your first clinic has been completed.

These clinics are also available for clubs that are not affiliated with USA Volleyball/North Country Region with the cost of $200 per clinic plus clinician's mileage.




Please direct questions to:    I     952-831-9150, ext. 6