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Team Fee Registration


North Country Region Team Fee

With the increased scrutiny of tournament roster management, the team fee is assessed to ensure that all teams who compete in North Country Region events are in compliance with North Country Region Volleyball and USA Volleyball  policies. It is the responsibility of North Country Region to verify that each team is a registered member of NCR and that all junior and adult participants are USA Volleyball members with appropriate certifications and background screens.

How To Name Your Team Instructions

  1. Include Club Name
  2. Include Age Group
  3. Include additional name or numbering  to recognize different teams in same age division

Example: Club Awesome 15 - 1 or Club Awesome 15 Scarlet 



One Event Teams:  To register a team for one event (can only be used one time). Contact

Upgrade Team from Limited to Full: Contact


Please direct questions to:

Sue Murphy

Junior Girls Director

Phone: 800-657-6967 ext. 3